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Auto Trends For The Year: 2021

For years now, we have heard about technology and developments that could change driving as we see it. Now, we're beginning to see some of the strides made on the route. Expect 2021 to be a turning point for automobile technology: a year in which vehicles’ concept as high-tech devices rather than high-octane appliances finally takes charge.

Don't believe that means the death of automotive efficiency. Cars, on the contrary, are getting bigger, heavier, and more exciting than ever before. Without a doubt, this is a fantastic time to be a driver, no matter how much you want to drive. Here are a variety of developments in the automotive industry that can be predicted to grow, intensify or mature in 2021. Make sure that your next car possesses these features before you get auto transport in texas:

Self-Driving Cars

Cars have gradually developed the power to move on their own. Many drivers already have vehicles that can drive back to the correct lane, park in a tight spot, or speed up and slow down immediately on the basis of the traffic around them. Some high-end cars have advanced self-driving systems that allow them to take their hands off the wheel for long periods.

Internet-Connected Autos

The internet serves a significant role in every area of everyday life, including driving. Many new vehicles now come with internet connections, which they use for everything from finding limitless listening opportunities to receiving traffic alerts. Internet access also allows all of the other entries on this list: self-driving, AI, etc.

Electrified Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been around for years, but auto market trends have only begun to gain attention in the past few years. Deployment has been increasing enormously, along with the number of electrical charging points configured across America and various manufacturers and prototypes on the market. President Joe Biden has made electric vehicles a major priority.

Shared Mobility Models

People are increasingly not owning a vehicle, and they have access to one as they need it – a phenomenon known as a shared mobility framework. Ride-sharing services, such as Uber and Lyft, are the most well-known packages, but other implementations of the shared mobility model make it convenient to rent or otherwise have access to a vehicle for a short period of time instead of completely owning it.

Artificial Intelligence

Pop culture is composed of intelligent enough cars to talk to their owners. Don't assume your car to have a personality anytime soon, but prepare to see a growing array of features beneath the hood and inside the cabin. Make use of AI Self-driving technology relies on artificial intelligence to monitor traffic flow and modify the vehicle dynamically.

Human-Machine Interface

How drivers communicate with today’s vehicle’s numerous high-tech features is one of the most critical questions auto designers are posing. After all, what's the point of loading templates with high-tech features if they're frustrating or distracting? Human-machine interfaces ought to be intuitive, welcoming and functional without taking eyes away from the path.


Car prices have been growing higher in recent years, particularly when more drivers are looking for crossovers instead of sedans. In order to attract more consumers, particularly first-time car buyers, look for manufacturers to concentrate more on budget-friendly designs as the decade continues. Affordable vehicles have never passed away, but they have always made a plea for reliability.

Thanks to all of the innovations and developments on this page, it is now possible to create cars that provide a convincing driving experience, offer high-tech technology and incorporate high-quality materials without bumping the sticker price.

These are some of the wonders of technology and innovation that you will notice in 2021. Get the finest texas auto transport services to ensure that your innovative car is in the right hands.


We all wish to feel really great about our choices, especially if they will involve any type of financial investment! We research, read reviews, ask questions, and get recommendations from the circle.

If it’s the first time searching for a special service like a car mover, then you might be curious about what questions even to ask prospective providers.

Are they licensed and registered?

Every genuine auto transport company must be registered with the Department of Transportation with a valid DOT number. These are the details you must cross-check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure it's all in the right sequence. Our auto transport system also holds a $75,000 surety bond, which is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s required bond amount.

How much will my car transport cost?

An important question when you’re searching for a car mover is the cost. You want to identify how much it will charge to ship your car or SUV from one point to the destination. This can differ enormously from quotation to quotation for many car shipping companies. They prefer to include deposits, surcharges, and other expenses in addition to that bottom dollar amount they initially give you. Ensure when you’re scheduling your auto transport in Houston that your quotation is the ultimate dollar amount you’ll actually be having to pay for your transport.

What if something happens to my car?

Most auto transport firms, like ours, are careful when it comes to detailing the vehicle’s situation. You and the driver will evaluate your car at pick-up and sign off on the vehicle’s situation prior to shipping. Upon delivering, you’ll do the same model of inspections to ensure it hasn’t been damaged. If there is any damage (which is uncommon during transport), it has to be documented so that you can file an insurance claim with the auto transporter.

How should you prep your car for shipping?

When you are informed that you cannot pack your car yourself with your materials, it is for your benefit. The reasoning underlying this prohibition is that it will add to the weight of the vehicle. This can further increase the probability of theft and causing damage to your belongings as the vehicle is loaded off and on the trailer for transport. There is no way that you will find this situation worth the risk. It is highly recommended to ship your precious belongings with a good house moving company. Therefore, the goal is not to make your life complicated but to ensure your safety.

How do I pay and to whom?

Some auto mover companies demand you to pay a deposit, and some might demand to pay the amount to the drivers at the time of pick-up, while the rest asks you to pay at the time of delivery. You must understand at which stage you need to pay and to whom you are expected to pay. This is one of the best ways to avoid a potential scam and get the accurate details when you make your booking.

How does this work?

Find out where, when, and how your car will be picked up and dropped off. Is there a terminal? Is the service door-to-door? There is a specified time window for drop-off and pick-up in most of the cases. For car transport companies that offer terminal to terminal service, to pick up your vehicle, you will need to drive to that site. The door-to-door services will ensure that your car will be picked up and driven as quickly as possible to your driveway.

Do not forget to ask these questions the next time. Make sure to select the best car transportation in Texas and secure it.

How To Pick A Car Shipping Company

Overall, you must adhere to one maxim when searching for car shipping companies: Do your homework. Simple and plain. During the whole car shipment process, find a business that is efficient, economical, communicative, and convenient for the whole car shipment process. Your cars are probably your main savings, apart from any property you may buy.

Tips for selecting the best auto transport company

There are a few positive and poor signs that you should know how to look for when you start sifting through your list of potential car shipping agencies. It would be important to be aware of these indications to help you ignore the poor car transport firms and go on with the good ones.

Timeliness and professionalism

Find an agency that is known for its timeliness with both its drop-offs and pick-ups. Read comments to see what consumers are thinking about businesses’ schedules, bearing in mind that not every transport assignment for every order will be completed on schedule. Traffic does not always comply, and freight trucks often face problems like smaller cars.

When the timetable shifts, what distinguishes good car shipping in Houston from poor ones is how they respond. When a change of scheduling happens, a good organization will contact you promptly; a bad one will leave you confused and uncertain where they are.

Excellent customer service throughout the entire process

A car transport business that has customer service agents that are competent, polite, and available at every point of the transportation procedure to respond to any questions is a valued advantage. Go with a business whose customer service agents are willing to reach their truckers so that you know what is going on with your valuable freight transportation. In terms of operation, car transport companies that owe you the chance to communicate to humans are always a safer option.

Comfortability with working on short-term deadlines

You don’t want to wait weeks or months to finally get your car after buying it from a dealer in a different state. You want that car getting loaded up that same day, the next day at the very latest — so choosing car shipping companies with large, high-functioning fleets is recommended for anyone who wants to make sure that their car is getting on the road in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Signs for bad auto transport companies

Upselling you on services you don’t need

You don't need to spend more money on an enclosed trailer if you're trying to carry a normal car that isn't exotic or incredibly expensive. Steer clear of car transport providers seeking to make you buy premium premiums on top of the standard fees, only to make sure that your car is extra safe. The insurance should be included in the price at the foundation.

Inability to adapt to difficult circumstances

If any single car shipping order was precisely the same, then before shipping your car, you certainly wouldn't need to do any homework because either of the reviews of car transport firms out there will do the job respectably. That’s not the way it operates with auto transport. Many of the shipments of cars require changing environments.

The industry’s best know-how to negotiate small cities’ streets and schedule shifts, close corners, and special clients. Make sure you have a track record of success with the business you chose while delivering to and from your target markets, as well as a lengthy list of positive feedback from former buyers.

Texas Freight’s enthusiastic and skilled teams are here to help transport your vehicle efficiently and quickly, no matter what kind of car you're shipping. Our client experience is unrivaled relative to competing for car shipping firms, and we have one of the most elegant, user-friendly frameworks out there. We are the best option for auto transport in Illinois.

Snowbird Car Shipping Guide

Snowbirds are mindful of how to live. Snowbirds prepare to move to warmer climates, while most of us are planning for winter and the freezing winds, slick roads, and gloomy weather that come with it. Some have a second house in a Southern towns, and others go wherever the mood (and weather) leads them.

You'll want to have a car in your hands if you're going to spend months anywhere, especially when that destination is packed with picturesque places and must-see events/attractions. However, driving your own vehicle to your winter home (and back again) may not be possible or attractive, and renting a car for months on end does not look very good.

In this detailed guide, we will address the issue. They're more numerous options for traveling than you may know if you're a snowbird (or preparing to become one) and need choices for travel and transport. Explore how easy it is from the driver's seat in your make and model to live the snowbird way.

The complexities of becoming a snowbird are generally the same, regardless of your destination or timetable. Transportation takes the top spot, but the solution is much easier than individuals know. Without driving, one simple choice makes it easy to get your car, truck, van, or SUV anywhere in the world, at any time of year.

Car shipping for snowbirds

Thousands of snowbirds depend on car transport firms and car haulers every year to bring their car from north to south and then do the reversal a couple of months later. People have several different reasons for preferring this choice that we will soon outline, but the central benefit of auto shipping is the same for all: without being the driver, having a car shipped from point A to point B. The following are the reasons why the majority of the snowbirds ship their cars instead of driving:

Travel flexibility

You're free to drive wherever you want, with an automobile hauler taking your car where it wants to go. Travel to your destination, catch a train, hire a bigger baggage handling truck: it's up to you completely, and you're no longer bound by your vehicle. This could play a major role in car shipping in Illinois.

Time savings

Based on where you come from, getting anywhere like Southern Florida will take days. Many people don't want to waste too much time on the journey and arrive at their location as soon as possible. Car transport makes it possible, relative to a few days on the road, to spend a couple of hours on an aircraft.

Cost savings

A prolonged road trip will cost more than you estimate, taking into account petrol, lodging, hotels, mileage, and other unforeseen road expenses. In addition to saving time (the most valuable currency for several snowbirds), car transport may also save on travel costs in some situations. The cost of shipping is equal to the cost of driving personally in both situations.

Safety and equity

The road is a risky location and the car’s worth declines a little per mile you put on your odometer. Transportation by car solves these problems. On the back of a stable truck trailer driven by a specialist who spends this life on the road, the vehicle is well secured. Without some of the wear and tear that would usually require, you can even get that car from one part of the world to another. Auto-delivery is what's better with whatever the drive is relative to the alternatives.

Why should I go for car shipping?

Snowbirds comprehend better than others how the options can be compared to advantageous car delivery. How to choose qualified, trustworthy car haulers to deal with is what might be less obvious. Arranging auto shipping is meant to mean calling any business in the region before you had enough details hours later to compare options.

These are some of the things that you must know before you take auto transport in Houston, TX.

Ways For Getting Out Of A Car Lease

Car leasing is extremely appetizing to the new vehicle industry. They give a low-risk opportunity to get to the new models! Instead of struggling with a long-term obligation or a big loan, they deal with low payments and ease. Don't think about selling a car so you can buy the next one! For several individuals, car leases are the perfect way to get into the hottest new car on the market.

However, for certain individuals, car leasing may end up not working out that well. Any individual can decide, over time, that leases are too much for them to bear. They could realize that there is more to the van, truck, or SUV than they need and choose to downsize. Maybe payments are no longer possible, and it now makes sense to look for a less-expensive used vehicle.

Car Leases are pretty ironclad and go to extremes to secure the dealer. Often, there are certain ways to get rid of them. Others are run-of-the-mill and mostly work with the lessor and the lessee – others are a little more imaginative and not without issues. How can you get out of a car contract that no longer fits you?

Lease transfer or lease swap

The simplest way to go about it is getting a third party – another lessor or a transfer organization willing to engage in either using your vehicle or thinks they can find someone who will be. However, you can’t simply sign over your car to another. It would help if you made sure that paperwork is sorted properly. This procedure typically costs not more than a few hundred dollars. You’ll show up off free and clear, with almost no credit impact. This is the finest available method in almost every case.

Lease payoff or buyout

It is roughly the same thing, just two separate methods of executing it. This involves you, the lessor, paying off the vehicle and claiming ownership. While this might seem counterintuitive if you are attempting to get out of lease payments, it may enable you to get loan payments over the long term, decreasing the monthly influence. It also enables you to sell the vehicle and utilize that amount of money to pay off your lease.

Ask the car leasing company for help

Lease firms aren’t coldhearted. They fully understand when situations arise. Simply talking to them might be beneficial, especially if yours is expected to be a temporary issue. This won’t get you out of the lease, but it may assist. Even an extra month or two of relief could potentially alter the time you have to find a transition, a payoff loan, or another way to get out of the lease.

Auto transport for leased vehicles

If you’re ever curious to know, “how do I get out of a lease that no longer functions for me,” the smartest thing to do is try and talk to your lessor from the get-go. If you’re both on the platform with the plan and motives, it won’t be all that tricky. There’s nothing wrong with getting out of a lease – only wrong ways to deal with it.

It might seem difficult to get Texas auto shipping, but if you get in touch with the best service providers, they might make you change your mind.

One of the major reasons for people attempting to break leases is often a major move. You don’t want to bring that mileage to your car. Still, you may like it – and you may be able to work on the terms with your lessor. In such scenarios, you can seek help from Texas Freight. It helps you to move your leased vehicle from one location to another. It is the best spot for auto shipping in Texas.

These are some of the ways you can get out of your leased car or make it work for yourself. Try these out and make your life easier!

Smart Tips For Storing A Vehicle

According to a survey, the number of registered vehicles is around 273 million whereas licensed drivers are only 227 million. Considering this, there are about 46 million more vehicles than drivers. You might be wondering where these cars are stored if they are not used to commute on the roads, and the answer to that is, most of these autos sit in a driveway, garage, or somewhere else on the street. However, for many people, it is not possible or convenient to keep additional cars on or somewhere around their property. As a matter of fact, it is not, in any way, a smart option either. For such individuals, it is necessary to take steps that lead to smart auto storage.

All the big players in the industry of car shipping in Illinois suggest that if you own a car of any type, such as a truck, van, SUV, or collector vehicle, it is best to opt for a long-term car storage plan. There are many private storage sites that are spread all over the country that any vehicle owner can take advantage of. They will cater to your needs in the best way possible by offering you reasonable packages that are far more economical than other alternatives.

Before trying out another auto transport service in Illinois, you might want to give car storage a try yourself. In that case, the following guide is just for you. Here a few tips that you need to keep in mind to store your vehicle in optimal condition.

Top off the tank of your vehicle

When you are storing your vehicle, the best way to make sure that the parts of your car will remain intact is to top off the tank. You should park your car with as much gas as possible. There will be two benefits of an approach like that. One, the metal surfaces inside the tank of your car will have more resistance against rust. Second, the more gas you have in your car’s tank, the farther you will go once you drive it out of the storage area. Therefore, whether you are storing your car yourself or you are giving it off to a facility, make sure that you top off the tank carefully.

Use a new oil

If you are a driver with experience, you must know that used engine oil can carry impurities and particulates that can adversely damage the engine of the car if they are not filtered as soon as possible. So it is imperative to change the oil and filter it before you prepare it for long-term storage. Other than that, fresh oil will also ensure that when you start your car again after some time, you can drive it for significant miles without worrying about the engine breaking down.

Wax and wash the exterior

Now is the perfect time to pamper the exterior of your vehicle. As it will stay secluded for a while, storing it without giving it any special treatment is not a smart choice. If there is dirt, grime, and grease left on the metal parts or paint of your car, they can do irreversible damage to the exterior of the vehicle. Moreover, it can also lead to premature corrosion. However, if you do a thorough washing of your car, all the impurities will drain away, mitigating the chances of any sort of damage. You can also wax the exterior of your car to ensure that no dust or grease sits on the paint when it is in storage.

These aforementioned tips are all you need to keep your car protected throughout its storage period.

The Spirit Of Door to Door Transport

In the present world, all everybody needs is convenience. Especially, when it is about transportation, imagine a taxi stopping right outside your apartment and the driver knocks at your door to let you know they are here? You do not have to stand outside in the heat and tire yourself while you are waiting for your transport to come to you. Auto shipping in Texas is an industry that has been booming in the past few years. The recent advancements have played a major role in the introduction of another auto transport service in Texas, which is called door-to-door transport. They will come to your door, inform you about their presence, and make sure that your car is shipped safely.

Here are different aspects of door-to-door transport:

The concerns of the car transporter

There are many problems the drivers face in Texas in auto transport services. Most of the issues are pretty common such as getting pinned into a small space with no room to turn around. Low hanging tree branches is another problem that a car transporter should avoid at all costs, as they can not only damage the roof of your car but they are disastrous for other vehicles as well. As the top rack might have vehicles stacked to at least twelve or thirteen feet above ground level, it is extremely important to consider a way out of such commutes by protecting the vehicles from scratches and other physical impacts caused by low hanging or broken branches.

The functionality of door-to-door car transport services

Once an auto transport service in Texas assigns your vehicle to a carrier, the driver is instructed to pick your car and deliver it to the required destination as close as possible. The carriers are taught to locate your address by using GPS technologies such as Google Maps or something similar. After that, he will look for a place that has significant room to cater to the truck’s size and where they can unload vehicles pretty easily. It is advised that customers should always choose meeting places such as grocery store parking lots, malls, shops like Home Depot and Target, wide roads or other rest areas. The reason is that many times, it is hard for the car transporter to come to the exact pick-up location as it might not be that practical or smart. In that case, the driver will call you and inform you about other possible meeting places where they can load your car without causing any harm to it.

Paying the car transporter

One of the greatest advantages of door-to-door auto transport is that you do not have to pay for services until your car is picked and dropped at the desired destination safely. When the delivery is completed with full satisfaction, only then you are obliged to pay the driver with a money order or cash. Do not forget to get a receipt if you are paying them in cash for evidence. Moreover, do not forget to go over the conditional report of the vehicle once it is delivered.

Efficient booking of door-to-door auto transport

 If you choose an experienced company for your auto transport shipping, their online platform will provide you with all the details you need to make a seamless booking. Most of them also offer the customers an online car shipping quote calculator that will give you an insight into the expense requirements for auto transportation.

Door-to-door auto transport services should be your number one choice if you are looking for a streamlined shipping option for your car. You can not only ensure that your vehicle will be delivered to the destination safe and sound, but you can also protect your car from any damage during the shipment.

The Ins And Outs Of College Student Car Shipping

In August, there is a rise in the number of student car shipping in Houston. At Freighttx we give college students great expertise regarding auto transport Houston tx and we also guide them regarding how they should go about it.

In the business of car transport Houston there are not many guarantees and certainties. That is because transporting a car is not in any way similar to shipping your package, it just cannot be done overnight.

During car transport Houston there a lot of variables and points of considerations. In this blog, we would talk about everything regarding college student auto transport.

Does anyone need college auto transport?

A lot of people wonder why is it important to transport a vehicle to your institution when one could drive it there. In actuality, it makes a lot more sense  to ship a student’s vehicle than any other comparison, and here is the reason why:

  1. The quality time

If you are thinking of sending your kid to college for the very first time, would you appreciate riding in a different vehicle?

Shipping the car of your kids can enable you to drive with the kids and enjoy the quality shared time. This is imperative as it would not be too long before your kid would live in a completely separate place.

  1. The flexibility

Perhaps you feel like making a trip to college into a prolonged adventure or because you are dealing with a pretty taught schedule. By being equipped with a college student auto transport service, there is little to worry about. That is how it would help you abandoning troublesome thoughts regarding how to get a car to college and regarding when it would finally arrive.

It is even easier with experts like Freighttx, for with us at your service, you only need to pick a time and we would deal with the logistics ourselves.

  1. The mobility

It is very common for freshies to realize that in college they would need to have a car. However, the family car sits at no other place than the family parking lot and there is no way they can take that car without causing great inconvenience to the driver at home. Taking the advice of car shipping would make it much easier for you to get your vehicle from a certain one point to a decided another. It also makes sure students are not confined to just the campus.

Three essential steps to follow while shipping your car

When you are finally serious about shipping your car, there are some necessary steps that you need to follow:

  1. Step no.1

Decide a date on which the student would arrive on campus and add to it another day in which he would be receiving the vehicle. That is because no one would like a car shipping driver the very same day they are moving in their dorm.

While shifting to the dorm, there are so many things revolving around one’s head that one cannot deal with any additional stress.

No college student would appreciate their vehicle to beat them to their school, as there would not be anyone to receive the car and pay their driver.

  1. Step no.2

Start with determining the distance for the college student auto transport from a particular origin point to the campus.

So for instance, the distance to your college is nearly 2,300 miles but car shipping is not permitted for over 500 miles, calculating the distance would turn out to be helpful as It would have also turn out to be quite unwise to make the college student’s vehicle to be received sooner than five days before it could be received.

Wish to have a standard auto transport service, visit our website and contact us as soon as possible.


Is It Safe To Send Your Vehicle To A Transporter?

Can you recall the last time you let someone take your darling car?

If it is not never, then probably quite a while ago, right?

The point is most people are not comfortable with the fact that someone else is behind the steering wheel of their car. The only people you would permit to sit on your driving seats is either a mechanic, valet or an auto detailer.

 It is natural to feel protectiveness for your car, so whether it is a make and model or super expensive car, the car owners do not feel pleasant that somebody is driving their for more than a few minutes

However, this caution disappears when your vehicle needs to be transported across the border.  Typically, you would despise it if you find a stranger driving your car even for a few miles and even while you are present, but why does this sense of protectiveness go out of the window and you let a stranger drive your car solo for nearly thousands of miles?

It takes a tremendous amount of trust to be okay with a situation like that, yet we would find so many drivers doing the same. No matter how dear one’s car is to themselves when they are faced with the daunting task of driving it for multiple days-long trips, they find it super easy to place their faith in random people. Consequently, and unsurprisingly, little good comes out of it!

To help you understand why trusting different car transporter companies is not a great idea, we have collected a detailed list of things that are likely to go wrong. So read on and stay warned.

Vehicle getting stolen

What makes you so much sure that the person you are handing over your key would never go to drive off and disappear?

Although vehicles getting stolen is not very commonplace, yet it is not entirely unheard of. 

It has become incredibly easy to get the auto transporter so for instance if you are in Houston and you virtually search for car transport Houston, the internet would show a plethora of places offering to transport your vehicle in no time!

Although this makes hiring a super easy task, it makes scamming equally easy too. That is because there is no way one can distinguish between a legitimate and illegitimate website. Even if you are doing a complete background check on every potential driver and asking for the photocopy of their driver’s license, it still is an enormous gamble.

Vehicle getting damaged

Roads are like a crazy jungle of cars, that is why even the most skilled driver gets into serious car accidents. Although, people who are habitual of driving across countries and far apart cities are smart enough to divert any accident coming their way, sometimes there is no way for you to avoid accidents. However, some drivers are purposefully less cautious when they know that the car they are driving does not belong to them.

Accidents can result in minor fender benders and also take place in the form of complete vehicle destruction. Irrespective of how the accident has happened and how much damage it has resulted in if you are the car owner only you would be paying the price.

Hidden Costs

While someone arranges a car service for themselves, they first negotiate a certain rate, which includes things like payment for gas and payment for driving services.  However, in most cases, it is revealed to you later on that you are also supposed to pay for many other things such as the driver’s food and lodging along the way.

Although we have mentioned only three, there are numerous potential risks that you are taking when you decide to hire someone to take your vehicle across long distances. Therefore it is necessary to only go for good companies like Freighttx. We are the leading auto transport Houston tx that can be relied on while sending away your vehicles So if you are looking for car transport Houston, while moving into or moving away from Houston, give us a call! to car transport Houston.

Why People Move And Use An Auto Transport Company?

Are you planning to move somewhere?

If so, then you are not an exception. Almost every day thousands of people move from one place to another. It is thought that an average homeowner in America moves at least once every five years of their life. With that given, people who have been living in a place for years might find the notion of moving out a little too bizarre.


After all, moving out is an incredibly daunting task and it is a decision that must be taken quite seriously. The entire process requires multiple steps of planning, organizing, and doing several kinds of research.

Furthermore one needs to make sure that their decision is at least worth the enormous amount of time and money that goes into the process.

Although there are a lot of troubles thrown at you while moving out, taking your vehicle along with you is a challenge that cannot be put parallel to anything. For this purpose, some people would either hire Texas freight services and get their vehicle transported to the destination.

Given all kinds of challenges confronted by people who are moving out, it is fair to wonder why people even feel any need to move. Thereby, in this blog, we would unravel some of the relevant reasons that push people to move out.

  1. Upgrading their lifestyle

It is essential for people to keep upgrading their lifestyle or else their lives would become stagnant. Furthermore, people want their homes to accommodate better and more efficient features, which leads them to sell their old house and move to their dream home.

Similarly, people move when their families start to get bigger because with more people staying with you, you need to have larger space.

If you also feel as though your living space is getting increasingly cramped and there is not enough storage space, consider it a time to make a big move.


  1. Downsizing

Now, this seems a bit unusual as people only aim to shift to bigger houses. However, downsizing is unarguably a reality and some people also move from bigger to smaller houses.

You might want to shift to a smaller house because your kids have all grown up and moving away to their college and so, you are left with a lot of space.

Smaller houses also mean there is less space to clean and the older you get the less you are inclined to move muscles. Therefore age is also a major factor that makes people move from expansive villas to petite ones.

Downsizing is also a great way to reduce the cost of your house and the utility bills.


  1. Much better neighborhood

You might be satisfied with your current neighborhood and all the features it offers, if you are not happy with the neighborhood surrounding you, you ought to shift your house. People would not talk about it much often, but a good and cooperative neighborhood plays a vital role in determining your mood and safety.

Furthermore, if you have children you must consider the neighborhood of your place as it determines the company your kids will be going to keep. The company of your friends plays a major role in their upbringing and the aspirations they hold dear.

Although many other factors lead people to move away from a place, we have jotted down the most necessary ones. If you can be related to either of the points, we encourage you to make a big and hire texas vehicle shipping to get your car from one location to another.




















5 Questions To Ask An Auto Transport Company

Hiring Texas auto transport services is an efficient way of making your move easy and less stressful. However, before you decide to let your car be driven away by another individual, you must make sure that you have chosen the right company for the job. Your car is one of your most personal possessions, thereby it is not wise to just hand over your car keys to a company without having much knowledge about it.

If hiring car transportation in Texas is the only option you are left with, you should keenly observe the company. Thereby, before you could hire a company, make sure the company meets your requirements and is ready to offer you the right services.

However, it can be quite tricky to find out whether your chosen company meets your criteria or not. Since there is no better way than to research the company and inquire about them, we have compiled a list of questions for you to ask the auto transport company.

These simple questions would help you know if a company is in line with your budget and values.

  1. Is this company registered or licensed?

You must make sure that the company through which you are sending your vehicle, is legitimate and authentic. Therefore, you must ask them if they are registered through the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Ask the company’s representative for the licensed number and then verify the company.

If they tell you that they are not licensed, but have applied for it or would get it soon, do not buy their words without proof. That is because your vehicle is too precious to be placed under such risk

  1. How much do you charge?

No matter how rich or affluent you are, the money you make is the product of your blood and sweat and that is why you should spend it unnecessarily.

You ought to refrain from dealing with a company that makes fraudulent claims or promises. A reliable auto shipper would be completely upfront about the cost of their services.

While you would find many companies offering you competitive prices, do not let it be the only deciding factor. That is because poorly done services can cost you a lot more. You should rather go for a company that offers quality services at a reasonable price.

  1. Does this company offer a free no-obligation quote?

Many authentic companies mention free car shipping quotes on their website, so if a company that seems legitimate denies you a free quote, you should better see it as a red flag.

  1. Does the free quote include everything?

Ask the auto transport company to give you a list of everything that would be included in the quote, because some fraudulent companies barely cover anything in their free quote. You should also ask the company regarding potential charges that could be added such as penalties.

Before putting your signature on the contract, you should go through every detail mentioned in it and if there is anything that you cannot grasp, you should ask the company about it. If everything seems fine, ask the company some additional questions regarding their values and then lay before them all of your expectations from the company.

  1. Why should I prefer you among other companies?

There are hundreds if not thousands of auto transport companies in the country. Although most of them offer similar services, not all companies are alike. Therefore if you are choosing a well-reputed auto transport company, you should ask them, what factors set them apart from their competition.

Your aim should be to hire a company that boasts an impressive record and most of their customers never faced any threat to the safety of their vehicle and any major time delay.

We hope asking these questions would not help you to filter the wrong companies but would also help you understand the workings of the company you selected.

7 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

While moving from one place to another, one is confronted with many challenges, however, no challenge is bigger than transporting your vehicle from one place to another. The process of shipping a car is not only pricey but incredibly difficult, as people have loads of sentiments attached to their car.

To make things easier before you can send your vehicle to car transportation in Texas, you need to prepare yourself, so that you can confidently hand over your car keys and let the transporters take care of your vehicle. Besides preparing yourself, you also need to prepare your car, so take a look at the list of all the tips that can prepare you to send your vehicle away.

  1. Properly wash your car

Since dust can conceal a lot of the bumps and scratches that might be present at the surface of your car. So before sending your car away, you must give it a proper wash and make a mental note of all the minor and major damages that are present on its body.

So if there is any damage done to your car during the shipment, you would be able to identify it.

  1. Clean your car inside

Since cleaning the exterior of your car is not enough, you should also properly clean its interior. Doing so would leave your good impression on your hired company and it would also enable you to remove all the things that can potentially be stolen away. So, if during the cleaning process, you come across any spare change or air fresheners, take them out.

Some people like to store food in their car, if you do the same, then make sure the interior of your car is properly vacuumed. This is incumbent because food that remains in a closed car can create an ideal atmosphere for bacteria to grow. As a result, your car can end up smelling foul and its atmosphere can also get contaminated.

  1. Make sure the alarm is disable

Although this seems too obvious to mention, a lot of people forget to disable their alarm before sending their car to car transport in Texas. An enabled alarm can drain the battery of your car.

Moreover, if your alarm sets off during the ride, the truck driver’s ears would be assaulted.

  1. Do not fuel up your car

Given the hundreds of kilometers your car would travel, you might feel the urge to fill its tank. However, you must not forget that auto transport companies do not drive your vehicle, they ship it.

As a matter of fact, it is recommended to empty the tank, because fueling your car can add extra weight to it. So make sure there is only a little amount of fuel.

  1. Look for leaks

Before your car gets loaded into the cargo truck, it is imperative for you to check the leaks. Small leaks can be taken care of, however, if the leak is a bit too big, the shipment companies would refuse to take your vehicle anyway.

  1. Check the pressure of your tires

Unfortunately, shipping a car with over and under-inflated tires is as perilous as driving on a road with them. This can lead to serious damage to not just your car but the transportation carrier your car is placed on.

  1.  Remove all the custom accessories

To make sure there is no risk of losing or damaging special accessories in your car, you should remove them all from your car. Also do not put any extra luggage in your car.

We hope reading through this blog has helped you grasp why and how you can prepare yourself and your car before the shipping.

Ultimate Guide To Auto Transport Services

Whether you are thinking of going on an expedition or planning to move to a different place, you would need to choose the best auto shipping in Texas for the pride and joy of your life i.e. your car.

Since at Texax Freight, we have years of valuable experience under our belt, we are here to give you a brief and easy guide to transport your car.

Here are some of the essential steps you should take while choosing an auto transport company.

  1. Decide the destination

Before sending away your car for shipment, you ought to first decide the ultimate destination. Shipping something as weighty as a car can turn out to be quite pricey, therefore you need to have a clear idea of exactly where to transport the car.

Once you have decided what your destination would be, jot it down on paper and then do the same contemplation for your pickup location.

Send both of these precise locations to an auto transport company that meets your budget and other requirements. Specifying the exact location of a company would help you and your hired company to avoid any potential hurdles. Doing so also alleviates any confusion that could have been harbored and consequently delay the shipment.

If you want to avoid even the slightest hurdle, make sure you are booking the transport services for your vehicle in much advance. It is best if you start searching for the companies, the instant you know that you are moving.

  1. Make sure you pick the right delivery dates

Once, destination and pick-up location is finalized, you should focus on the delivery dates.

Fortunately, reputable transporters like Texas Freight would make sure to inform you regarding any changes after your booking.

Although you do not necessarily have to be present at the pickup location, it is better if you do. It would help you to get to know the driver who is taking your car away.

It is also recommended for you to show yourself at your pick-up destination, as you can check your car for yourself. If you notice any damage to your car after the shipment, you can inform the driver and the company’s representative then and there.

To avoid any potential damage, it is incumbent to choose a well-respected and renowned company. Thereby, Texas Freight must be included in your list of transporters.

  1. Make sure to check the company reviews beforehand

Since, no matter what the company’s representative says, it can be hard to completely rely on someone else and allow them to take your car for several days, if not weeks.

To make things easier for you, here is what can help you to trust an auto transport company.

  • Ask around

After doing a quick google search and reading the customer reviews mentioned on the websites, you should ask around people who understand the ins and outs of auto transportation. Furthermore, you should also use the power of social media and ask people regarding their experience with the company.

  • Read the reviews on the website

While looking for any product and service online, it is always helpful to read what the customers have to say about the company. With that being said, you should never skip considering customer reviews and ratings.

Although a lot of the reviews on websites cannot be completely trusted, you should read the top reviews and look for some kind of relevancy between them. Similarly, if people are complaining about similar things, consider it a red flag.

  • Quote

After asking around and reading online about the company, it is time to trust the company. Most companies have an online form for you to fill, if you are in a bit of haste you call them to receive the quote.

We, at Texas Freight, aim to make the shipment of every customer’s car easy, so call us today and get a free quote.

Key Considerations For Getting Effective Auto Transport Service

Automobiles hold great significance since people spend fortunes on buying them. Your vehicle must be insured and transferred with discretion to avoid any potential damages. The process of auto transport in Illinois and other states holds immense importance. Especially in the case of imported vehicles, the owners are worried about the shipping of their cars. The auto transport companies are well aware of the techniques that prevent any breakage during the transport.

If you have to ship your car, then follow the considerations below to get the best experience.

  • Select a reliable company for auto transport

The foremost task in shipping your vehicle is to find a reputable company. There are numerous benefits of selecting a well-known company. The workers ensure that your car is moved adequately without any inconvenience. A good company knows the effective routes that prevent disruption during transportation.

Some benefits of selecting a reliable company are.

  • It has better policies.
  • It provides effective transport services.
  • It does not charge extra expenses.
  • It has professional workers that are masters at their job.
  • Make sure that the auto transport company is licensed.

The auto transport company must be licensed and registered. The policies of a registered company comply with the requirements of the clients. This way, the clients do not endure any inconvenience. During the transportation, the car might get affected. Hence, it is significant to find a reliable auto shipping company.

The benefits of selecting a licensed auto transport company are.

  • It is more reliable than unprofessional shipping dealers.
  • It ensures safe auto transport.
  • It prioritizes the needs of its clients.
  • Document every little detail in the process of auto shipping.

The next consideration is to get a document of every agreement made with the auto shipping company. This paperwork is essential to deal with any unforeseeable situations that might occur during the process of shipping. Especially before signing the policies, try to ask all your queries and concerns to avoid any misunderstanding later.

The benefits of documentation in the process of auto shipping are.

  • It verifies the credibility of the shipping company.
  • It develops trust between the clients and the auto transport company.
  • It prevents any kind of trouble and disturbance throughout the shipping.
  • Remove all the valuables from your car.

Before you give your car to the transport company, remove all the valuable items from it. It will help to avoid any breakage of sensitive products like music systems, CDs, etc. The auto companies do not cover the interior damage of the car. Hence, it is vital to remove the valuables before handing the car to the auto transport company.

The benefits of removing valuables are.

  • It enables the protection of loose items.
  • It guarantees the proper transfer of the vehicle without interruption.
  • It reduces the risks of stealing valuable items.
  • Check the condition of your car before giving it over to the shipping team.

It is convenient to check the condition of your car and determine if there are any existing damages. The auto transport team performs a thorough inspection before shipping. It is also fundamental to take photos of the car as a record.

To sum up, many transportation services are available that provide extensive services related to auto shipping. Among them, Texas Freight Auto Transport is a leading company for car shipping in Illinois. The company comprises experts and professionals in the field of shipping and transportation. The services of this company include open auto shipping, enclosed auto shipping, door-to-door transport, and terminal to terminal. If you want to endure stress-free auto shipping, then this company is your best option. Their efficient shipping carriers ensure the safe transfer of the vehicles. This company is well-known for its flexible services towards the fulfillment of the client’s needs.

4 Points To Ponder Over Before Selecting A Transport Freight Company

There are countless car shipping companies in the United States, however, you as a car owner need to understand the different requirements you seek in your desired car shipping company.

To make your selection much easy, this blog has a brief list of some important things you should ponder over in an auto transport company in Texas and other states.

  1. Take the shipment method into consideration

Companies either send the vehicles through an enclosed trailer or an open one. Although getting an open trailer would cost you very little, it can make your vehicle prone to several damages. Not only can the cars get scratched or broken, but they are also more likely to be stolen away and get affected by dirt and atmospheric conditions.

If you are sending your car in open trailers, you should know that the only thing supporting your vehicle would metallic chains. Whereas, if you are sending your automobile through the enclosed trailer, it would be tied with wheel nets or nylon straps.

If your pocket allows it, you should always prefer the latter method, because tying up the cars with chains can result in great damage. These companies usually fasten the chains around the vehicle’s axle and consequently, it creates great pressure on its surface, especially if the chain is tied too strongly.

Not to mention, if the chain tied around the car gets loosened, it would begin to bang against the car’s surface, creating lots of dents, potholes, and bumps on it. On the other hand, enclosed trailers are equipped with lift gates that reduce the chances of theft or damage

  1. Always read reviews before selecting a freight company

Car is not merely a mode of transportation for most people, it is their joy and it is their pride. Therefore, if one is sending their car away via unknown car transporter, it is vital first to make sure that the company is reliable.

Although, there are a plethora of ways to make sure whether you can trust a car transporting company or not, knowing the experience of previous customers is the most trustable of all. That is because people who have been in your stage earlier would know exactly how the company could help or con you. The best reviews are heard straight from the mouth, but you can also trust the review section of the company’s website.

Doing so would not only help you to select the best car moving company but it would also help you steer away from the company that could either fail to meet your requirement or harm you in any way.

  1. Be extremely aware of the auto transport brokers

It is sad but, indeed, the majority of the people who send their cars away are not aware of auto transport brokers.

In simplest words, auto transport brokers are the companies that bid their customers’ shipments to other companies. Therefore, while you are making a deal with an auto transport broker, you can not certainly know which car carrier would your car be placed in and who is going to take your car away.

As a consequence of these uncertainties, customers usually suffer a lot. That is because brokers are usually the tricksters that are not afraid to harm you.

  1. Refrain from giving any deposit

If the car transporters are demanding a deposit, you ought to see it as a  red flag!

Genuine and reputable companies never ask for any deposit. Rather they ask you for payment when the car is picked and dropped off.

These are some of the factors you should ponder over, before selecting a car transporting company. If you think as though, you lack the relevant experience and expertise to give so much thought, then you should go for only the best freight companies like Texas freight in Houston tx.

Auto Transportation - How To Narrow Down Your List?

If you own a personal car, you can understand that a car is a lot more than just a means of transportation that could help you travel from one place to another. That is because apart from money, the car owner also has an immense sentimental bond with their vehicle. To some people, their car is the proof of all the hardships they have endured in life and to some others, the car is the reminder of their relationship with their loved ones.

With everything given, it makes sense why people are usually not comfortable with the idea of letting someone else sit in their driving seat and take their car away. With that being said, when someone is moving out to a far-off place, they are required to make a final decision regarding their vehicle. Either they need to sell it or hire the car shipping in Houston and any other state to transport the car to a new place.

Through any lens you try to look at the situation, you would see transporting your car to a reliable freight Houston auto shipping or auto shipping of any state is the most viable option.

Choosing the right transportation company is not easy!

While you are moving out, the idea of someone taking care of your car transportation is certainly attractive, but choosing the right car movers for the job is an incredible challenge. There is extensive work that needs to be done before you could be confident that you have chosen the right company for your car.

Since we at Texas freight acknowledge your concern regarding auto transport companies, we are here with some of the most essential tips that a car owner ought to consider:

  1. Always do a proper research

No matter how great a company may seem, you as the car owner should do in-depth research on its terms and policies. Do proper investigations on the company, know what it claims, and ask around to make sure if it lives up to those claims.

Since proper research is dependent on the proper nomenclature, here are a few terms you should acclimatize yourself with.

  1. Auto Transport Broker

Auto transport brokers are the company that forms a linkage between the car owner and another auto transport company.

  1. Auto Transport Company

This is the company that takes the responsibility to transport your car, thus the company hires relevant people for the job.

  1. Auto Transport Carrier

This term is referred strictly to the vehicle that transports your car from the pick-up location to the final destination. It could be a truck or any large carrier that could at least accommodate eight vehicles simultaneously.

  1. Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-Door service is one of the most efficient services offered by reliable transport companies. This service is primarily for the people who are too busy to transport their car per se.

What should you look for in a transport company?

Although price, reputation, and services are essential features to seek in an auto transport company, how you are feeling as a client is of distinct importance. Here are a few factors that could help you decide how you feel about the company

  1. The company should meet your requirements

There is no sensible reason that justifies choosing a company that does not fit your criteria. Therefore, we highly suggest you make a list of all the things that you seek in the company and then compare it with everything that the company claims to offer.

  1.  Choose quality over quantity

Since car transportation is a money-consuming task, choosing a company that does it cheaply cannot be trusted. Rather than the cost, your focus should be on the services.

Since Texas Freight is an excellent company that offers the best transportation services in various states, we highly suggest you choose them over all the rest.

How To Be The Best Vehicle Transportation Customer?

Old or new, classic or sports, every car is surely in a league of its own. No matter what the circumstance is, it always hurts to take a trip to the mechanic. With that being said, let us dive into the main event of today’s blog.

If you have ever shipped a car before, you know how stressful it can be, especially when your shipment vehicle is your only car. Still, that does not mean that you do not have what it takes to be a great vehicle transportation customer.

Most of our customers are reasonable people who know that transporting a vehicle requires time, money, and correct logistical coordination. Furthermore, most of the time, the entire transporting journey is carried out smoothly, but sometimes, it can hit a few bumps (pun intended), and the plan can go sideways. If something unexpected happens during the process, we ask you to stay reasonable and understanding of the situation.

In our line of duty, we have dealt with thousands of customers over the years. Most of them are considerate and reasonable people, but some of them were daunting and impossible to work with.

If you want to know how you can avoid being the impossible customer, keep reading as you will learn all the DOs and DON’Ts.

  1. Be Polite.

Being polite is one the most admirable thing one can do as it gets you far in life. Still, not everyone gets how important it is. Even if things are fine and going according to your plan, be kind. Always remember that fighting fire with fire is futile. Drivers and workers at Freight TX are just working on customer service. Even if they happen to engage a few bumps in the process, your unnecessary rudeness won’t make the situation any better. They are already working under a lot of stress as they are trying their best to meet all our customers’ demands and leave them delighted.

In some cases, our customers get upset over things our representatives have no control over. For example, the truck breaking down, late pickup and delivery, and damage to the vehicles. These situations are not in control of our representatives, so please, be as polite as possible.

  1. Availablity.

Technology has come a long way. Nowadays, almost everyone is blessed with a smartphone or a cellphone. So, unless you are busy with something, it should not be challenging to stay in touch with you. Our representatives are strictly instructed to keep you aware of all the changes that may occur in the process. In essence, communicating fully with you is not only convenient for us but makes it much easier to achieve our goals in providing the best auto shipping service.

  1. Flexibility.

It is entirely understandable that when things do not go according to plan, it may upset you. Moreover, you need to understand that the entire shipping procedure is carried out in different steps. Pick up and delivery times are just an estimate, as well as the transportation times. As these things are not in our hands, our drivers can’t be held accountable for any mechanical issues or traffic. So being flexible and reasonable with the shippers will result in a perfect experience for everyone in the long run.

Why Choose us?

Freight TX is surely the best for multiple reasons. With over a decade of experience, we pride ourselves on the utmost customer satisfaction. As our goal is to be the leading auto transportation company in the country, we take all the necessary steps on the path of success. With over tens of thousands of satisfied clients, fortunately, we have never received any negative remarks.

With that being said, always make sure to choose from the best available options when transporting your beloved vehicle. We understand how infuriating it can be to see your vehicle undergo repairs. By opting for Freight TX, you can rest assured of this as our representatives are strictly instructed to keep your vehicle their number 1 priority.

How To Prepare Your Car for Auto Transport.

Once you have chosen the most reputable and the best auto transport tx company, it is time to get your car in shape and make sure to get it ready for transportation.

One may wonder what do I need to prepare in order to get my car ready for transportation? To answer that, sending the car as it is can sound less exhausting and time-consuming, but this is your baby we are talking about after all. You should want to take all the steps necessary to ensure quick, hassle, and damage-free transportation for your car. If you are pumped enough, keep reading, and you will be ready to ship your car with ease.

Give your vehicle a good wash

When preparing your car for transportation, the first thing to do is give your car a nice and clean bath before your pickup time. After washing, once your car's exterior is spotless, spend a few more minutes to inspect the following:

  • Dents and scratches which are existent before the pickup.
  • Any sort of discoloration and paint chips.

It is not typical, but cars can bear a few scratches or dings during transportation. Although any damage caused to your car during the transit is covered with insurance, you would still want to make sure to note down all the existing marks on your car. Make sure that your truck driver highlights them on the delivery bill, or is commonly known as a bill of landing.

Take pictures of existing damage before departure

Once you are done with noting all the pre-existing damage to your vehicle, you would want to take pictures of them. Make certain that all these pictures are stamped with the date and time.

If you are using a smartphone to take pictures, the pictures will be automatically stamped with time and date. To clarify, these pictures are for your own personal record and can be used as evidence.

These records will lay a hand in avoiding any unwanted dispute with the driver in case if your vehicle has suffered damage. Always ensure to provide the drivers with the said pictures and cross-check them with the bill of landing when receiving the car.

Clear your car from any personal and valuable belongings.

Remove all removable and valuable items from your vehicle. These items don’t limit to anything but include the following items. GPS systems, radars, customer stereos, etc. Secondly, make sure to remove all toll transponders from the car before departure. In the most likable scenario, the chances are high of the transponders being charged for if it stays in your vehicle throughout the journey. In addition, all our customers are allowed to have up to 50kg of personal belongings in their car. All personal items must be stored and utterly secured. Make certain that they are below window level for easy visibility or, if possible, store your personal cargo in the trunk of the car for easy access. Although your vehicle is covered by insurance throughout the transportation, the items stored inside the vehicles are not. In case of any damage to your personal cargo, the company won't be held responsible. Moreover, no compensation would be provided in case of damage to personal cargo.

Maintenance check for your vehicle transportation.

Most people do not bother checking the fuel tank of the car before the pickup. Always ensure that your car has less than half a tank of gas although, 1/4th of the fuel tank is the most preferred. This significantly reduces the amount of weight going on to the truck for transportation.

If you are shipping a non-operable car, notify your respected shipping agents about this issue. They will need to provide specific needs for your car for both delivery and pickup.

If your vehicle is fully functional and is in working condition, make sure to inform the truck driver of any mechanical issues your car might have. Do this to avoid any complications in the journey.

To bring this blog to a conclusion, after all, the safety of your car comes down to you. The list may seem long but how much you imply on it is entirely dependent on you. For the most delightful transportation process, consider Freight TX as we are one of the best and most reputable in this line of business.

How To Ship A Car That You Bought Out of State?

Purchasing a new car does not limit you to choose from a dealership that is within your reach. In most cases, people already go on the internet and start browsing the offerings from online sellers throughout the country. As many reputable websites now provide purchasing new and used cars online, you can purchase a car from anywhere in the country.

With that being said, there are multiple reasons why you might opt for purchasing a car from the outer state. Furthermore, if you have purchased a car from another state, the next step is to choose the most cost-efficient method to ship your new car to your address. Luckily, the procedure to ship a car from one state to another is more straightforward than buying a car.

Why you should purchase a car from another state

There are plenty of reasons why you might browse cars which are not in your city, or even in your state. The most significant factor that persuades one to browse cars from another city is the price difference. Densely populated and economical hubs cities will charge you more for a car than a small town. For example, car prices in Los Angeles are much higher than in Miami so purchasing a car from Miami is a more wise choice.

The price may or may not play a significant role in your purchase decision. If you are looking for a specific model which your local dealership does not offer, then you might have to browse through outer state car listings. High demand for outer state vehicles has encouraged dealers to list their inventory online. Hence, it is now easier than ever to purchase a car from the outer states.

Shipping your Automobile

You have finally decided and purchased a car from another state, what next? The next step is to arrange transportation for your vehicle to get it delivered to your doorstep. Once you have finalized the sale, confirm a date when your car will be available to get picked up and delivered to your residential address.

While you might want to reach out to the seller and drive your car back home to get the complete feel of the new car. Still, there are still some reasons why opting for a texas auto transportation service is ideal. When traveling long distances, a new car can go under a lot of unnecessary stress. For example, for a new car, when going onto an interstate can be quite dangerous as you have never driven that car before. If your goal is to drive back home in your new car from your purchase point, you can end up spending a lot of money on gas, lodging, and tolls. So, comparatively, it is cheaper and better to opt for car transportation Houston, in essence, Freight Texas.

Our mission

Purchasing a used or new car is always an exciting experience. At Freight Texas, we ensure that your car is in safe hands and handled with precaution at all times. Most people are under a misconception that their car is being shipped in an open trailer. However, by opting for Freight Texas, you can rest assured on the said issue.

It is considered one of the safest methods as over 95% of the vehicles are transported via an open trailer. Even the new cars are dropped off at the dealerships in an open trailer. Your vehicle is fully insured from the moment it gets on the trailer to its destination. So, you can stop worrying about your car getting damaged and pay for the repairs.

Why choose us?

Our number one goal is to prioritize quality, customer satisfaction, and experience over anything else. To do this, we maintain excellent communication with our customers throughout the transportation process.

By choosing Freight Texas, you are choosing the best service possible. This is because we have been in the business for a long time and we pride ourselves in customer experience.

With that being said, if you have any queries or require further information, feel free to contact us.  You can also visit our website and have peace of mind.


Everything You Need To Know About Shipping A Car From One State To Another

Shipping a car anywhere in the country is easier than you would expect it to be. Your prognosis on car shipment may depend on several different factors such as the types of vehicle you own or have owned in the past, or the time you have allocated for car shipment, and your budget.

This blog will highlight the entire car shipping process which will better help you understand the entire procedure of transporting your car from one state to another. This blog will also help you in ensuring that your car is safe throughout the shipment process.

With that being said, let us dive straight into it.

Find The Most Reliable Auto Transport Company

If you want to get your car shipped to your desired location then undoubtedly, an auto transport company will be at your assistance. However, as the auto transport industry is quite lucrative, it will be difficult to choose the most reputable company within your reach.

To get you started, here are a few things you should expect from a reputable car shipping company.

Get A Free Quote From A Car Shipping Company

Almost all car shipping companies have a dedicated section on their website from where you can get a free quote. However, the suggested quotes are usually estimated prices so if you want something more precise or personalized, make sure to fill out a form and enter all the relevant information.

Allotted Time For Car Pick-Up.

Once you have hired a car shipping company, the next step is to set a date and time for your car to get picked up. The assigned driver will contact you and you can coordinate with him accordingly.

Furthermore, after setting a date and time, it is recommended to check your car for any existing visible damage such as dents or leaks. This ensures that any potential argument after the shipment can be avoided if you think that the car has faced any damage.

Receive Your Car With Timeliness.

The driver transporting your car will let you know when they are close to the destination to give you enough time to make preparations for your car’s arrival. Upon delivery, the most professional company will conduct another session of inspecting the car before signing the bill of landing and handing over the car.


At Freight TX, we take extra steps to ensure that you have peace of mind throughout the shipping process. We are the leading auto transport company in Texas for a reason. We only have one goal in mind and that is to make our customer’s satisfaction our number 1 priority.

In all honesty, the auto shipping industry is quite lucrative and volatile. As this task seems quite easy to do, many companies have emerged from the dust as an easy way to make money. So, it is extremely crucial that you hire the most reputable and registered company available, and in this case, Freight TX. Moreover, we have been in the business for a long time so we are fully aware of all the Dos and Don’ts of the business, therefore, we are surely the best.

Our services are massive. From open auto shipping to the terminal to terminal shipping services, we got you covered for everything. Moreover, we also intend to improve our services even more so we wholeheartedly accept constructive criticism.

Everything You Need To Know Before Shipping Your Electric Car

Electric cars are revolutionary inventions. In our opinion, electric cars are surely the single most creation of modern technology to face massive uprising popularity. With billionaires and philanthropists like Elon Musk joining the party, it is surely something to think about as people like Elon Musk are known to promote the most important stuff.

Before jumping straight into the shipment process, let us talk about the glory of electric cars.

Electric Cars.

Electric cars, in all their glory, are a result of years of genius and hard work. Regardless of the preference of specific individuals, everyone has a thing for electric cars. Everyone, around the globe, are undoubtedly tired of paying for refilling their car’s petrol tank at least once a week. Therefore, switching to electric cars can save you a lot of money and you will be traveling in style.

Sure, electric cars are comparatively expensive as they aren’t readily available in the second-hand market. This is due to the fact that electric cars are known to last long. Moreover, people are so much in love with these cars that nobody wants to sell them.

Approximately one million electric cars are roaming the Earth’s surface making the United States of America the second largest population of electric cars in the world. Whether you are moving to a different city or got an amazing deal on a Tesla from another state if you want your car to be shipped? Freight TX has you covered for all your needs.

How To Get Started With The Shipment Process?

As mentioned before, if you're moving to a different city or bought an electric car from an outer state, there are several reasons why you would want to ship your newly bought car to your desired destination. Thorough research should be your first step if you are considering getting your electric car shipped. A general consensus suggests that after properties, cars are the second most valuable asset for most people. And assuming that this is the case with you, you would want to make sure that your baby is taken care of properly. Rest assured, if you choose us, you wouldn't have to worry about this as we only deal with the top 10% of carriers to ensure significantly low errors.

Step#2: Get Your Electric Car Ready For The Shipment Process.

While there may be several differences between an electric car and a standard petrol engine, as compared to a petrol car, getting an electric car ready for shipment is not that different. We ask all of our customers to clean their cars before inspection because it makes the inspection process quite easier as the existing marks are more visible. Moreover, we also ask our customers to make sure that their cars are at least 50% charged so the driver can load and unload the car with ease.

If you are moving from one city to another, chances are that you would want to ship some of your cargo in your car. Therefore, the department of transportation allows people to ship approximately a hundred pounds of cargo in their vehicles. However, if you are loading your car with additional cargo, make sure that all the stuff is stored below the window level for easy visibility. Doing this in electric cars is relatively easy as not only you can store your cargo in the trunk, you can also store them in the front. Or as commonly known as, “frunk”.

Final Words

Freight TX is the leading company for car shipping in Houston. This is because we pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and other relevant factors. If you require further information, feel free to reach out to us. Our credentials can be found on our website’s contact us page.

What Is Better? Driving The Car Yourself Or Shipping It To Your Desired Destination?

It is quite common to stumble across an auto transportation website and wonder, “wouldn’t it be better if I just drive the car myself”? To be very honest, that is an excellent question. At first, it may seem more convenient and simple to drive the car yourself, but more research you put into auto transportation will surely change your mind. As a result, you will realize that driving the car yourself might not be the best idea. We understand that it is difficult to hand over the keys to your car to a stranger whom you have never met before. Therefore, at Freight TX, we ensure that the commute of your vehicle is carried out as smoothly as possible. Moreover, we hold our customer’s satisfaction in the highest regard by making their satisfaction our number one priority. Hence, you will be able to rest with peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction

People often judge an auto transportation company by the reviews they have received as these companies do not have the best name to describe themselves. You will see that some of the reviews left on the company’s website are usually negative. However, Freight TX prides itself on receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews. We go the extra mile to make sure that all of our customers are delighted at the end of each journey. Regardless of the type of customer, be it an old customer or a new, all of our customers always consider us in case they have another transit planned.

Driving The Car Yourself

As mentioned earlier, after thorough research, it may seem that driving your car yourself is impractical or inconvenient, but some people would still argue that it is the best option. It is completely understandable if some people decide to drive their car themselves from the departure point to their desired destination. Most people may want to be in control of the situation themselves than others and to quote the most popular saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.”


The power of the internet is truly magnificent. With only a click of a button, you can have your favorite groceries delivered from a grocery store. Similarly, if you purchase a car online, it may be difficult to find the most suitable car. But, if you do find the most desirable car, you would want to have it delivered to your doorstep. Therefore, Texas Freight is the most suitable option for you. By opting for us, instead of reaching out to the dealership or an individual you bought the car from and driving the car back to your sweet home, you can simply have it delivered to your place. This will ensure that you are not putting any unnecessary miles on your new baby and all you have to do is visit our website and get in touch with one of our representatives.

Conclusive Thoughts

Shipping a car from one city to another may seem expensive but driving the car yourself can cost just as much. Oftentimes, people only consider the fuel expenses and forget all the other relevant costs like toll charges and etc. This is exactly why people think that driving a car is cheaper than getting it shipped. Moreover, an average American does not have enough travel experience to cover long distances by road. Therefore, we recommend letting the professionals do the job for you so you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the car to be delivered to your doorstep.