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We are a licensed company specialized in providing remarkable services of door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal car shipping.



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Our commitment and hardwork has lead us to the status of widespread administratiom in the transportation industry.



We care about our customers assets and place immense importance in the safety and security of the assets of our customers.

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We, as an auto moving company, aim to facilitate our customers with nationwide auto transportation. Our mission is focused on providing professional auto shipping services all around the USA that makes us different from our competitors.

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“The personnel of TFP Freight Auto Transport is so proficient in their respective jobs that they made the whole process so smooth and I have to do nothing, just paying and reaching at the spot point confirmed and informed by the manager. The travelling had no legal issues and minimum jerks and hassles”


“It is always quality which attracts me and my business partner so we go for TFP. We are pleased that we go for it because it is cost cutting company.”


“Yahoo, thanks, my parcel reached on time.”


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Easy, efficient, and reliable auto shipping to Texas

There is no doubt in the fact that Texas is one of the booming states in the United States of America. In the past few years alone, 400,000 people moved to this state. With this pace, the Lone Star state will soon swell into a giant city, bursting with a raging crowd. Just like many others, if you have plans to shift into this megacity, do it after booking a service providing car transport in Texas. To enjoy the riches of this state, you need your car with you.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can offer you car transportation in Texas, get in touch with Texas Freight right now. If you do a quick search for “best car transport companies in Texas,” you will come across Texas Freight right away. When it is about shipping your car in a safe and sound manner, you have to find the right fit. You can not just trust any brand with a thing that matters so much to you and your family.

Texas Freight understands how daunting it must feel to make someone else responsible for taking your car from one place to another, which is why we have a team of experts that guarantees efficient and timely delivery of your vehicle. The quality of our service is unmatched. Our team members are trained vigorously, so they can cater to our customers in the best way possible.

You will find many companies offering auto transport in Texas, however, not all of them can satisfy each and every customer’s needs. As a result of significant experience in the field, Texas Freight can provide distinctive speed, exemplary customer services, and affordability. Our team of professionals aims to surpass all your expectations that concern auto shipping in Texas. While it is true that Texas might be big, our seamless transportation facilities will narrow down this humongous state for you. If you are looking for elite-quality car shipping services that can ensure safe and reliable transportation to and from the Lone Star state, there is no better choice than Texas Freight.

Texas Freight makes auto shipping effortless for you

As people say, everything is big in Texas, just like that, auto shipping is a big market here. After all, what can you expect from the second most populous US state that is home to at least 27,000,000 people? With a population of this size, one needs their car to move around places. Shifting in this mega-city without a vehicle is not really a good idea. With Texas Freight right by your side, you will face no problem in availing car transport in Texas. To make navigation in the great expanse of Texas easy and to provide exceptional car shipping services, the team at Texas Freight amalgamates the industry’s latest logistics with a wide and extensive chain of truckers.


Make your move to Texas comfortable and smooth

Just like many other individuals and families, if you are considering shifting to Texas, you have to move your car with yourself also. As Texas is spread on a significant land, it is best explored by vehicle. Other than that, if you have kids going to school and your work is miles away from your home, a car is imperative. Before your shift, you can call Texas Freight for an advanced booking. Our team of expert carriers will ensure that your vehicle reaches your new place of residence on time and completely intact.

People who try to drive their own car all the way to Texas can come across many problems. The weather fluctuations and the chances of getting into an accident are always a risk, Other than financial costs, your life can be at stake too. The advantage of opting for auto shipping in Texas is that without lifting a finger, you can get your car delivered to your doorstep. Without wasting your time, energy, and money, you can enjoy the comfortable and smooth transportation of your vehicle. Texas is ever ready to host another resident and Texas Freight aims to make that as easy as possible for you. No matter where you are planning to live in this large state, we guarantee a fast and affordable route for your car.

How does vehicle shipping work in Texas?

Shipping your car to Texas can be challenging and super simple as well. It all depends on your approach, as in what way you handle the situation. East Texas is pretty easy when it comes to auto shipping, however, areas like Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston are challenging to cover. Thanks to our fast, efficient, and highly experienced drivers, you can completely trust us with your luxury and classic cars. Our shipment portals are spread across the country, so wherever you are coming from, it will not be a problem for our carriers to ship your car to your doorstep.

Shipping your car to other states

Now that you know everything about car shipping to Texas, you should also know that Texas Freight can ship your auto vehicle out of state as well. We own the biggest auto-shipping hub in Texas, which is why we are efficient in transporting any type of car from one place to another. Whether you are shipping your car to California, Illinois, or any other state, we can take care of that with utmost responsibility. With us, you are in luck as you will have no problem when you are dealing with our expert team. You can opt for an enclosed auto transport carrier or an open one, depending upon your preferences. We make sure that the route for your vehicle transportation is safe, reliable, and makes timely delivery possible.

24/7 customer service available

Texas Freight, as one of the leading auto transport shipping companies in Texas, is available for your assistance 24/7. You can reach out to our customer service anytime you have to book an appointment. You can also call us if you have any queries or want to ask for an update about your shipment. Our team will make sure that they are always there for you, whenever you need any help from our side.


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Is It Safe To Send Your Vehicle To A Transporter?

Can you recall the last time you let someone take your darling car?

If it is not never, then probably quite a while ago, right?

The point is most people are not comfortable with the fact that someone else is behind the steering wheel of their car. The only people you would permit to sit on your driving seats is either a mechanic, valet or an auto detailer.

 It is natural to feel protectiveness for your car, so whether it is a make and model or super expensive car, the car owners do not feel pleasant that somebody is driving their for more than a few minutes

However, this caution disappears when your vehicle needs to be transported across the border.  Typically, you would despise it if you find a stranger driving your car even for a few miles and even while you are present, but why does this sense of protectiveness go out of the window and you let a stranger drive your car solo for nearly thousands of miles?

It takes a tremendous amount of trust to be okay with a situation like that, yet we would find so many drivers doing the same. No matter how dear one’s car is to themselves when they are faced with the daunting task of driving it for multiple days-long trips, they find it super easy to place their faith in random people. Consequently, and unsurprisingly, little good comes out of it!

To help you understand why trusting different car transporter companies is not a great idea, we have collected a detailed list of things that are likely to go wrong. So read on and stay warned.

Vehicle getting stolen

What makes you so much sure that the person you are handing over your key would never go to drive off and disappear?

Although vehicles getting stolen is not very commonplace, yet it is not entirely unheard of. 

It has become incredibly easy to get the auto transporter so for instance if you are in Houston and you virtually search for car transport Houston, the internet would show a plethora of places offering to transport your vehicle in no time!

Although this makes hiring a super easy task, it makes scamming equally easy too. That is because there is no way one can distinguish between a legitimate and illegitimate website. Even if you are doing a complete background check on every potential driver and asking for the photocopy of their driver’s license, it still is an enormous gamble.

Vehicle getting damaged

Roads are like a crazy jungle of cars, that is why even the most skilled driver gets into serious car accidents. Although, people who are habitual of driving across countries and far apart cities are smart enough to divert any accident coming their way, sometimes there is no way for you to avoid accidents. However, some drivers are purposefully less cautious when they know that the car they are driving does not belong to them.

Accidents can result in minor fender benders and also take place in the form of complete vehicle destruction. Irrespective of how the accident has happened and how much damage it has resulted in if you are the car owner only you would be paying the price.

Hidden Costs

While someone arranges a car service for themselves, they first negotiate a certain rate, which includes things like payment for gas and payment for driving services.  However, in most cases, it is revealed to you later on that you are also supposed to pay for many other things such as the driver’s food and lodging along the way.

Although we have mentioned only three, there are numerous potential risks that you are taking when you decide to hire someone to take your vehicle across long distances. Therefore it is necessary to only go for good companies like Freighttx. We are the leading auto transport Houston tx that can be relied on while sending away your vehicles So if you are looking for car transport Houston, while moving into or moving away from Houston, give us a call! to car transport Houston.

The Ins And Outs Of College Student Car Shipping

In August, there is a rise in the number of student car shipping in Houston. At Freighttx we give college students great expertise regarding auto transport Houston tx and we also guide them regarding how they should go about it.

In the business of car transport Houston there are not many guarantees and certainties. That is because transporting a car is not in any way similar to shipping your package, it just cannot be done overnight.

During car transport Houston there a lot of variables and points of considerations. In this blog, we would talk about everything regarding college student auto transport.

Does anyone need college auto transport?

A lot of people wonder why is it important to transport a vehicle to your institution when one could drive it there. In actuality, it makes a lot more sense  to ship a student’s vehicle than any other comparison, and here is the reason why:

  1. The quality time

If you are thinking of sending your kid to college for the very first time, would you appreciate riding in a different vehicle?

Shipping the car of your kids can enable you to drive with the kids and enjoy the quality shared time. This is imperative as it would not be too long before your kid would live in a completely separate place.

  1. The flexibility

Perhaps you feel like making a trip to college into a prolonged adventure or because you are dealing with a pretty taught schedule. By being equipped with a college student auto transport service, there is little to worry about. That is how it would help you abandoning troublesome thoughts regarding how to get a car to college and regarding when it would finally arrive.

It is even easier with experts like Freighttx, for with us at your service, you only need to pick a time and we would deal with the logistics ourselves.

  1. The mobility

It is very common for freshies to realize that in college they would need to have a car. However, the family car sits at no other place than the family parking lot and there is no way they can take that car without causing great inconvenience to the driver at home. Taking the advice of car shipping would make it much easier for you to get your vehicle from a certain one point to a decided another. It also makes sure students are not confined to just the campus.

Three essential steps to follow while shipping your car

When you are finally serious about shipping your car, there are some necessary steps that you need to follow:

  1. Step no.1

Decide a date on which the student would arrive on campus and add to it another day in which he would be receiving the vehicle. That is because no one would like a car shipping driver the very same day they are moving in their dorm.

While shifting to the dorm, there are so many things revolving around one’s head that one cannot deal with any additional stress.

No college student would appreciate their vehicle to beat them to their school, as there would not be anyone to receive the car and pay their driver.

  1. Step no.2

Start with determining the distance for the college student auto transport from a particular origin point to the campus.

So for instance, the distance to your college is nearly 2,300 miles but car shipping is not permitted for over 500 miles, calculating the distance would turn out to be helpful as It would have also turn out to be quite unwise to make the college student’s vehicle to be received sooner than five days before it could be received.

Wish to have a standard auto transport service, visit our website and contact us as soon as possible.


The Spirit Of Door to Door Transport

In the present world, all everybody needs is convenience. Especially, when it is about transportation, imagine a taxi stopping right outside your apartment and the driver knocks at your door to let you know they are here? You do not have to stand outside in the heat and tire yourself while you are waiting for your transport to come to you. Auto shipping in Texas is an industry that has been booming in the past few years. The recent advancements have played a major role in the introduction of another auto transport service in Texas, which is called door-to-door transport. They will come to your door, inform you about their presence, and make sure that your car is shipped safely.

Here are different aspects of door-to-door transport:

The concerns of the car transporter

There are many problems the drivers face in Texas in auto transport services. Most of the issues are pretty common such as getting pinned into a small space with no room to turn around. Low hanging tree branches is another problem that a car transporter should avoid at all costs, as they can not only damage the roof of your car but they are disastrous for other vehicles as well. As the top rack might have vehicles stacked to at least twelve or thirteen feet above ground level, it is extremely important to consider a way out of such commutes by protecting the vehicles from scratches and other physical impacts caused by low hanging or broken branches.

The functionality of door-to-door car transport services

Once an auto transport service in Texas assigns your vehicle to a carrier, the driver is instructed to pick your car and deliver it to the required destination as close as possible. The carriers are taught to locate your address by using GPS technologies such as Google Maps or something similar. After that, he will look for a place that has significant room to cater to the truck’s size and where they can unload vehicles pretty easily. It is advised that customers should always choose meeting places such as grocery store parking lots, malls, shops like Home Depot and Target, wide roads or other rest areas. The reason is that many times, it is hard for the car transporter to come to the exact pick-up location as it might not be that practical or smart. In that case, the driver will call you and inform you about other possible meeting places where they can load your car without causing any harm to it.

Paying the car transporter

One of the greatest advantages of door-to-door auto transport is that you do not have to pay for services until your car is picked and dropped at the desired destination safely. When the delivery is completed with full satisfaction, only then you are obliged to pay the driver with a money order or cash. Do not forget to get a receipt if you are paying them in cash for evidence. Moreover, do not forget to go over the conditional report of the vehicle once it is delivered.

Efficient booking of door-to-door auto transport

 If you choose an experienced company for your auto transport shipping, their online platform will provide you with all the details you need to make a seamless booking. Most of them also offer the customers an online car shipping quote calculator that will give you an insight into the expense requirements for auto transportation.

Door-to-door auto transport services should be your number one choice if you are looking for a streamlined shipping option for your car. You can not only ensure that your vehicle will be delivered to the destination safe and sound, but you can also protect your car from any damage during the shipment.