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7 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport


7 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

While moving from one place to another, one is confronted with many challenges, however, no challenge is bigger than transporting your vehicle from one place to another. The process of shipping a car is not only pricey but incredibly difficult, as people have loads of sentiments attached to their car.

To make things easier before you can send your vehicle to car transportation in Texas, you need to prepare yourself, so that you can confidently hand over your car keys and let the transporters take care of your vehicle. Besides preparing yourself, you also need to prepare your car, so take a look at the list of all the tips that can prepare you to send your vehicle away.

  1. Properly wash your car

Since dust can conceal a lot of the bumps and scratches that might be present at the surface of your car. So before sending your car away, you must give it a proper wash and make a mental note of all the minor and major damages that are present on its body.

So if there is any damage done to your car during the shipment, you would be able to identify it.

  1. Clean your car inside

Since cleaning the exterior of your car is not enough, you should also properly clean its interior. Doing so would leave your good impression on your hired company and it would also enable you to remove all the things that can potentially be stolen away. So, if during the cleaning process, you come across any spare change or air fresheners, take them out.

Some people like to store food in their car, if you do the same, then make sure the interior of your car is properly vacuumed. This is incumbent because food that remains in a closed car can create an ideal atmosphere for bacteria to grow. As a result, your car can end up smelling foul and its atmosphere can also get contaminated.

  1. Make sure the alarm is disable

Although this seems too obvious to mention, a lot of people forget to disable their alarm before sending their car to car transport in Texas. An enabled alarm can drain the battery of your car.

Moreover, if your alarm sets off during the ride, the truck driver’s ears would be assaulted.

  1. Do not fuel up your car

Given the hundreds of kilometers your car would travel, you might feel the urge to fill its tank. However, you must not forget that auto transport companies do not drive your vehicle, they ship it.

As a matter of fact, it is recommended to empty the tank, because fueling your car can add extra weight to it. So make sure there is only a little amount of fuel.

  1. Look for leaks

Before your car gets loaded into the cargo truck, it is imperative for you to check the leaks. Small leaks can be taken care of, however, if the leak is a bit too big, the shipment companies would refuse to take your vehicle anyway.

  1. Check the pressure of your tires

Unfortunately, shipping a car with over and under-inflated tires is as perilous as driving on a road with them. This can lead to serious damage to not just your car but the transportation carrier your car is placed on.

  1.  Remove all the custom accessories

To make sure there is no risk of losing or damaging special accessories in your car, you should remove them all from your car. Also do not put any extra luggage in your car.

We hope reading through this blog has helped you grasp why and how you can prepare yourself and your car before the shipping.