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How To Prepare Your Car for Auto Transport.


How To Prepare Your Car for Auto Transport.

Once you have chosen the most reputable and the best auto transport tx company, it is time to get your car in shape and make sure to get it ready for transportation.

One may wonder what do I need to prepare in order to get my car ready for transportation? To answer that, sending the car as it is can sound less exhausting and time-consuming, but this is your baby we are talking about after all. You should want to take all the steps necessary to ensure quick, hassle, and damage-free transportation for your car. If you are pumped enough, keep reading, and you will be ready to ship your car with ease.

Give your vehicle a good wash

When preparing your car for transportation, the first thing to do is give your car a nice and clean bath before your pickup time. After washing, once your car's exterior is spotless, spend a few more minutes to inspect the following:

  • Dents and scratches which are existent before the pickup.
  • Any sort of discoloration and paint chips.

It is not typical, but cars can bear a few scratches or dings during transportation. Although any damage caused to your car during the transit is covered with insurance, you would still want to make sure to note down all the existing marks on your car. Make sure that your truck driver highlights them on the delivery bill, or is commonly known as a bill of landing.

Take pictures of existing damage before departure

Once you are done with noting all the pre-existing damage to your vehicle, you would want to take pictures of them. Make certain that all these pictures are stamped with the date and time.

If you are using a smartphone to take pictures, the pictures will be automatically stamped with time and date. To clarify, these pictures are for your own personal record and can be used as evidence.

These records will lay a hand in avoiding any unwanted dispute with the driver in case if your vehicle has suffered damage. Always ensure to provide the drivers with the said pictures and cross-check them with the bill of landing when receiving the car.

Clear your car from any personal and valuable belongings.

Remove all removable and valuable items from your vehicle. These items don’t limit to anything but include the following items. GPS systems, radars, customer stereos, etc. Secondly, make sure to remove all toll transponders from the car before departure. In the most likable scenario, the chances are high of the transponders being charged for if it stays in your vehicle throughout the journey. In addition, all our customers are allowed to have up to 50kg of personal belongings in their car. All personal items must be stored and utterly secured. Make certain that they are below window level for easy visibility or, if possible, store your personal cargo in the trunk of the car for easy access. Although your vehicle is covered by insurance throughout the transportation, the items stored inside the vehicles are not. In case of any damage to your personal cargo, the company won't be held responsible. Moreover, no compensation would be provided in case of damage to personal cargo.

Maintenance check for your vehicle transportation.

Most people do not bother checking the fuel tank of the car before the pickup. Always ensure that your car has less than half a tank of gas although, 1/4th of the fuel tank is the most preferred. This significantly reduces the amount of weight going on to the truck for transportation.

If you are shipping a non-operable car, notify your respected shipping agents about this issue. They will need to provide specific needs for your car for both delivery and pickup.

If your vehicle is fully functional and is in working condition, make sure to inform the truck driver of any mechanical issues your car might have. Do this to avoid any complications in the journey.

To bring this blog to a conclusion, after all, the safety of your car comes down to you. The list may seem long but how much you imply on it is entirely dependent on you. For the most delightful transportation process, consider Freight TX as we are one of the best and most reputable in this line of business.