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We all wish to feel really great about our choices, especially if they will involve any type of financial investment! We research, read reviews, ask questions, and get recommendations from the circle.

If it’s the first time searching for a special service like a car mover, then you might be curious about what questions even to ask prospective providers.

Are they licensed and registered?

Every genuine auto transport company must be registered with the Department of Transportation with a valid DOT number. These are the details you must cross-check with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to ensure it's all in the right sequence. Our auto transport system also holds a $75,000 surety bond, which is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s required bond amount.

How much will my car transport cost?

An important question when you’re searching for a car mover is the cost. You want to identify how much it will charge to ship your car or SUV from one point to the destination. This can differ enormously from quotation to quotation for many car shipping companies. They prefer to include deposits, surcharges, and other expenses in addition to that bottom dollar amount they initially give you. Ensure when you’re scheduling your auto transport in Houston that your quotation is the ultimate dollar amount you’ll actually be having to pay for your transport.

What if something happens to my car?

Most auto transport firms, like ours, are careful when it comes to detailing the vehicle’s situation. You and the driver will evaluate your car at pick-up and sign off on the vehicle’s situation prior to shipping. Upon delivering, you’ll do the same model of inspections to ensure it hasn’t been damaged. If there is any damage (which is uncommon during transport), it has to be documented so that you can file an insurance claim with the auto transporter.

How should you prep your car for shipping?

When you are informed that you cannot pack your car yourself with your materials, it is for your benefit. The reasoning underlying this prohibition is that it will add to the weight of the vehicle. This can further increase the probability of theft and causing damage to your belongings as the vehicle is loaded off and on the trailer for transport. There is no way that you will find this situation worth the risk. It is highly recommended to ship your precious belongings with a good house moving company. Therefore, the goal is not to make your life complicated but to ensure your safety.

How do I pay and to whom?

Some auto mover companies demand you to pay a deposit, and some might demand to pay the amount to the drivers at the time of pick-up, while the rest asks you to pay at the time of delivery. You must understand at which stage you need to pay and to whom you are expected to pay. This is one of the best ways to avoid a potential scam and get the accurate details when you make your booking.

How does this work?

Find out where, when, and how your car will be picked up and dropped off. Is there a terminal? Is the service door-to-door? There is a specified time window for drop-off and pick-up in most of the cases. For car transport companies that offer terminal to terminal service, to pick up your vehicle, you will need to drive to that site. The door-to-door services will ensure that your car will be picked up and driven as quickly as possible to your driveway.

Do not forget to ask these questions the next time. Make sure to select the best car transportation in Texas and secure it.