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Smart Tips For Storing A Vehicle


Smart Tips For Storing A Vehicle

According to a survey, the number of registered vehicles is around 273 million whereas licensed drivers are only 227 million. Considering this, there are about 46 million more vehicles than drivers. You might be wondering where these cars are stored if they are not used to commute on the roads, and the answer to that is, most of these autos sit in a driveway, garage, or somewhere else on the street. However, for many people, it is not possible or convenient to keep additional cars on or somewhere around their property. As a matter of fact, it is not, in any way, a smart option either. For such individuals, it is necessary to take steps that lead to smart auto storage.

All the big players in the industry of car shipping in Illinois suggest that if you own a car of any type, such as a truck, van, SUV, or collector vehicle, it is best to opt for a long-term car storage plan. There are many private storage sites that are spread all over the country that any vehicle owner can take advantage of. They will cater to your needs in the best way possible by offering you reasonable packages that are far more economical than other alternatives.

Before trying out another auto transport service in Illinois, you might want to give car storage a try yourself. In that case, the following guide is just for you. Here a few tips that you need to keep in mind to store your vehicle in optimal condition.

Top off the tank of your vehicle

When you are storing your vehicle, the best way to make sure that the parts of your car will remain intact is to top off the tank. You should park your car with as much gas as possible. There will be two benefits of an approach like that. One, the metal surfaces inside the tank of your car will have more resistance against rust. Second, the more gas you have in your car’s tank, the farther you will go once you drive it out of the storage area. Therefore, whether you are storing your car yourself or you are giving it off to a facility, make sure that you top off the tank carefully.

Use a new oil

If you are a driver with experience, you must know that used engine oil can carry impurities and particulates that can adversely damage the engine of the car if they are not filtered as soon as possible. So it is imperative to change the oil and filter it before you prepare it for long-term storage. Other than that, fresh oil will also ensure that when you start your car again after some time, you can drive it for significant miles without worrying about the engine breaking down.

Wax and wash the exterior

Now is the perfect time to pamper the exterior of your vehicle. As it will stay secluded for a while, storing it without giving it any special treatment is not a smart choice. If there is dirt, grime, and grease left on the metal parts or paint of your car, they can do irreversible damage to the exterior of the vehicle. Moreover, it can also lead to premature corrosion. However, if you do a thorough washing of your car, all the impurities will drain away, mitigating the chances of any sort of damage. You can also wax the exterior of your car to ensure that no dust or grease sits on the paint when it is in storage.

These aforementioned tips are all you need to keep your car protected throughout its storage period.