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Illinois Auto Transport


Why is Texas Freight the most trustworthy car shipping service in Illinois?

Are you looking for an efficient auto transport service in Illinois? Well, if you are, you have come to the right place. Texas Freight is the number one choice when it comes to car shipping in Illinois. Our wide and extensive clientele enjoy our seamless, simple, and streamlined facilities, where our customer service is 24/7 available to help you out with your queries. The team of auto transport at Texas Freight is extremely professional and offers the expertise of many years in the market. In Illinois, we are known as the top auto transport service provider because of our industry-leading customer service.

Our professionals know how to take care of every customer’s needs. From offering transparent quotes and reasonable pricing to staying side by side throughout the transport procedure, the experts at Texas Freight will make sure that they treat you with utmost respect and honesty. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure that we deliver your car to the required destination with great responsibility. Texas Freight guarantees reliable transportation of your automobiles, so you do not have to worry about any complications.

The drivers at Texas Freight have significant experience, which makes it easy for us to provide exceptional car shipping services in Illinois. Whether you want to shift your luxury car from the fierce lakeside winters via an enclosed carrier or you want to transport your automobile across a busy town in Chicago, Texas Freight can help you in making this hectic process simple and convenient. We have the right technology, strategy, smart equipment, and expert drivers that help with making the job super-efficient. All you have to do is call us, and our expert team members will ensure that our service is only of elite quality.

Let us help you in your move to Illinois by shipping your car safely

Illinois is like a huge part of the United States. On one hand, you have Chicago that is a significant urban area, which is surrounded by a metropolitan area. This particular chunk of land is also referred to as Chicagoland. The cities in Chicagoland include Elgin, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet, and more. Being home to 65% of the residents in Illinois, moving here can feel a bit challenging. On top of that, if you have to move your vehicle all the way here, it can get quite overwhelming. With Texas Freight, that will not be a problem anymore. On a single call, you can book our car shipping service and have your automobile shipped to wherever you want at affordable prices.

The range of car shipping service in Texas Freight

- Enclosed auto transport to Illinois

The city of Illinois, as one of the bustling states of the United States of America, has a noticeable imbalance of population. As a result, car shipping in Illinois is more often a necessity. Thinking of driving from the city will take five to six hours, just to reach the furthest bottom end of the state. Moreover, the winters in Illinois are the harshest. Here, lake-effect snow can dump foot upon foot in just 24 hours. The reason why Chicago is called “the windy city” is because the cold season in this state is ruthless. Therefore, when you are thinking of shipping your car, you have to consider a number of things.

Texas Freight knows how to protect your vehicle in every way possible. You can opt for enclosed auto transport to Illinois, which will eliminate the chances of your vehicle suffering from any type of damage during the shipment. Whether you own a high-end SUV or a luxury Sedan, the experts at Texas Freight will make sure that you get your car exactly as you left it. Without any doubt, the best way to avoid any damage from a heavy downpour of rain, winds, and snowfall is to appoint a mode of the enclosed carrier for your vehicle.

There are two ways you can ship your car via enclosed auto transport:

1) Soft-sided enclosed auto transport

Your car is enclosed in a heavy canvas, which protects it from wind-blown debris, sleet, rain, and other such elements.

2) Hard-sided enclosed auto transport

The additional advantage of a hard-sided enclosed auto transport service is that it protects your car from any damage that it can incur during transportation.

Open auto transport to Illinois

If you are looking for a company that offers reliable open auto transport to Illinois, stay right here. The functionality of open carriers is similar to double-decker car carriers that the dealerships use. Consequently, your vehicle will be protected with advanced equipment. The shipped cars arrive within seven days of departure. Last but not the least, open auto transport is an affordable and secure way of shipping your car to Illinois. Texas Freight guarantees to deliver your vehicle in the safest manner, protecting it from excess mileage, road vibration, and much more.